We Empower

A Lady of Influence University provides educational resources for those seeking a learning path for succession planning and career advancement.

Our programs offered will include:

  • Women in Leadership

  • Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Professional Development

  • Women in Ministry

The courses inside the programs are web-based through an online portal unless otherwise stated.

Our courses are On-Demand and self-paced

Our workshops are facilitated by a certified coach in person of virtually.

Our intensive mastermind groups are engaging, thought provoking and results driven. It is a cohort for like minded individuals committed to accomplishing the goal within the allotted time. We offer 2 six-month groups per year.


  • Emerging Leaders

  • Small Business Ownership

For More Information, please email us at info@aladyofinfluence.org

Young Ladies of Influence -Monthly Leadership Workshops

Workshops Topics

1. I am Lady of Influence

2. Leadership 101

3. Presentation Skills

4. College Prep

5. Etiquette Training/ Annual Tea Party

6. Financial Literacy 100

7. Financial Literacy 101

8. Rites of Passage and Pink Jacket Ceremony

9. Thanksgiving Outreach

10. Christmas Outreach